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WordPress Websites

WordPress websites are fantastic because they offer a CMS system, and also have an open framework with a huge library of plugins available! While the CMS system is easy-to-use and there are a lot of beautiful pre-made templates out there… Building a WordPress website, or configuring new functions can be tricky if you’re not an experienced developer. Our team have years of collective experience working with the WordPress framework and are ready and waiting to help you with your project.

Magento Websites

Magento is arguably the most secure and powerful ecommerce platform available today. This is because it offers complex, and yet sophisticated solutions for any web-store in any industry with a mix of of scalability, flexibility, and extensibility right at your fingertips. Because it’s such a powerful platform, Magento would be considered ‘excessive’ for smaller web-stores, but if you’re looking for the next step up from OsCommerce, OpenCart, or Zen Cart then look no further!

Shopify Websites

Shopify is very popular for start-up web-stores because it is an all-in-one solution. Shopify include hosting, security and their own easy-to-use CMS system for a monthly subscription fee. They have made it really easy to manage a modern web-store… but it’s not always easy to build and launch one. This is where we step in. We can help you with all tasks required to build and launch your Shopify website, including editing the core-theme files to create the perfect look and feel for your business.

Server Maintenance

Servers are just like cars… They need to be looked after, maintained and serviced to ensure that they’re up to standard and able to run to their full potential. There’s a lot of work and knowledge required to keep a server running optimally, especially during busy traffic periods. But here’s the good news… we’re here to help! Our website maintenance packages are a cost-effective way for you to access the experience of a talented mix of professionals without the cost of hiring a full-time team.

Server Optimisation

Just like maintaining your server, optimising it for the features and functions on your website are just as important. Servers are responsible for storing all information and powering all functions on your website so they are crucial to the overall operation, but they will often collect files, logs and records as time goes by. The less-optimised your server is for it’s purpose, the less optimised the end-users experience will be, which can be detrimental to conversions during peak-traffic periods. 

Website Support

With a massive boom in CMS it’s never been easier to have your own website! As impressive as it is to see CMS platforms constantly evolving to improve their capabilities and ease-of-use, it’s not always straight forward to make upgrades or changes on your website. Our team are here to support you from all levels including updates, troubleshooting or data recovery and our website support packages are a cost-effective way for you to have an experienced team behind your website.

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